Imani Spence

Program Specialist Intern

Imani Spence is a student at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) pursuing a dual degree in Media and Communication Studies and English, with a concentration with Communication and Technology. Through her studies she covers many aspects of communication from scholarly theories to website design.

As an MBRT Intern, Imani works directly with Nona Carroll, Program Director to assist volunteers and educators to use MBRT to its fullest. She works with the MBRT social media profiles to get important information out to volunteers and members, helps produce the quarterly Roundtable and the monthly MBRT Connect. Imani comes to MBRT with experience working in marketing across various organizations. She has worked with app development companies, EdTech companies and across the UMBC campus to build skills to make outreach more effective and efficient. In her past experiences, she has worked with organizations focusing on bring the arts to a wider community and making education more accessible for everyone.

In her free time, Imani is an amateur bike mechanic who loves to ride around Baltimore when it’s sunny out. She also swing dances in her free time and enjoys a great book.