Our staff work with a variety of workforce volunteers including executives, teachers, principals, superintendents, school board members, government officials, community leaders and parents to provide expertise and support to schools and systems.



Expertise Needed

Strategic Steering Committee Provide overall strategic direction and coordination of MBRT and its committees, and serve as liaison with MBRT Board of Directors and CEO members of MBRT Strategic planning, leadership skills, direct report to Board member or CEO member(The committee is comprised primarily of senior level representatives of MBRT Board members)
Speakers Bureau Advisory Board Develop specific strategies to expand and improve speakers bureau process and messages, and to assure effectiveness of the program Experience with Speakers Bureau and needs of secondary students, training, database management
The following committees are utilized as needed.
 Development & Partnership Committee Work to increase the level of committed leadership, partnership and participation in MBRT efforts; broaden the base of membership/ sponsorship; assist with grant/proposal research and writing; increase resources to build MBRT’s capacity to achieve its goals Member/partner relations, fundraising, marketing
 Communications Committee Develop plan/strategies to reach external audience; craft clear and unified messages for various MBRT audiences; refine policy positions, program content, and communications with partners; solidify MBRT branding issues Communications planning, writing/editing, marketing, branding, social media
 STEMnet Advisory Board  Overarching governing committee of STEMnet, works to solidify partnership decisions and manages local partnerships with staff support; invites and receives input from STEMnet Technical and Content Advisory Committees Ability to think strategically and leverage resources.  Experience in business model analysis, large-scale tech development/ transfer, and managing multiple projects/partners.
 STEMnet Local Partnerships  Provides guidance on local district partnership agreements on STEMnet Experience with partnerships, agreements, financial/legal analysis
 STEMnet User Group  Provides insight on priority issues and solutions from users’ perspective A standing body of STEMnet users.